Jerry Brown has been lucky to have a strong economy

Jerry Brown has been lucky to have a strong economy

Jerry Brown has been lucky to have a strong economy

Brown said the state budget for 2017-18 is more constrained than previous budgets in the past five years that were buoyed by economic recovery.

The bill will raise funds through an increase in the state's gas tax, which increases spending by about $10 a month for California drivers. He has led California to adopt some of the most ambitious anti-pollution policies in the United States, even as President Donald Trump's administration in Washington works to boost the USA coal industry and threatens to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

May's revision also sets aside $50 million in funding for the University of California college system, on the condition that the UC system meets obligations related to activity-based costing, enrollment of transfer students, and recommendations by the State Auditor.

"As the governor said, we've spent billions of dollars on anti-poverty programs, but still one in four children go to bed hungry every night", said Sen.

The budget increased 2.2 percent from January's version for a total of $183 billion.

"Despite talk of fiscal restraint and budget deficits, the revised budget would still result in a spending increase of $1.7 billion", said Republican Senate leader Patricia Bates.

He says his revised budget released Thursday withholds the money until the UC system accepts changes in a recent critical state audit.

Brown also pledged to expand health care coverage for undocumented students, but warned that if President Donald Trump's dire proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act is successful, deep, "ugly" cuts in California's budget would be necessary. The funding package returns the gas tax's purchasing power to 1994 levels and will provide $54 billion in new funding over the next decade, split evenly between state and local funding. The General Fund share of the repayment will come from Proposition 2's revenues dedicated to reducing debts and long-term liabilities.

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Matching of locally generated funds for high-priority transportation projects.

The state must also continue to plan and save for tougher budget times ahead. In fact, there have been 10 recessions and 10 recoveries since World War II, and the state is just two years shy from having the longest economic recovery on record, a point he illustrated with one of several charts on stage.

He said the economic picture would allow $1.5 billion more in general fund spending in his $124 billion proposal - even amid uncertainty as the Trump administration seeks to overhaul the federal health care law.

"The state's fiscal position is strong, giving us the flexibility to avoid cuts and to make targeted investments", Mr. Rendon said.

"As Governor Brown was scheduled today to release his updated spending plan, the Legislature passed 40 budget bills containing no content - zip, zilch, zero".

Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, D-Corona, praised the governor for submitting "a budget that is responsible and balanced", adding that she was particularly pleased that the revised spending blueprint included $18 million for the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District.

"Budget revenues are lower than expected and the governor's numbers reflect that fact".

Senator Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, issued a statement condemning what he called a "shell game" in the California Legislature to hide controversial spending policies into the budget without public scrutiny. "The best government is government that is transparent and accountable but it looks to me like backroom deals are preferred over transparency to the folks running the show in Sacramento". The proposal followed Attorney General Xavier Becerra's request for more money during a Senate budget hearing last week. This time Prop 56 dollars approved for health and dental care are being appropriated for politicians' pet projects. "That's money from the very gas tax the Democrats promised would go exclusively to fixing our decrepit roads and providing relief for traffic congestion".

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