Volvo and Google to build smart cars together

Volvo and Google to build smart cars together

Volvo and Google to build smart cars together

"Using Android as the base operating system will increase the speed and flexibility of development, said Patrick Brady, Vice President of Android Engineering at Google, "and enable customers to personalise their car's connectivity the way they do with other devices". Audi also has committed to a Google-integrated infotainment system. Android is the world's most popular mobile platform with more than 1.4 billion active users worldwide.

The deeper Android integration means more Android's features - such as Google's voice-activated Assistant - will run natively on dashboards.

A new report claims that Google Assistant for iOS launch is going to take place soon. The aforementioned Google Allo hit iTunes on the same day as the Android version this past fall.

The prospect of a vehicle with Android powering its infotainment system sounds great in theory, until you consider that part of the reason for the existence of Android Auto and its competitor Apple CarPlay is to get technology into cars faster than would otherwise be possible by relying on the auto industry's lethargic tech upgrade lifecycle.

The three-day Google I/O, which begins May 17 at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, is considered as the largest and most important developer conference in the software industry worldwide.

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Audi and Volvo announced that they are teaming up with Google to help grow Google's Android Auto program.

But here is the recent update about Google Assistant update.

The new Android-based system will offer a wide array of functions and it will launch on Volvo vehicles within two years.

While this is not new, the fact that it is no longer concept and heading out to cars is new and something I am definitely looking forward to. It would also put Assistant head-to-head with Siri on Siri's home turf. The expansion of Google Assistant to iOS is just the latest news and changes that Google is making to Google Assistant. It operates similarly to Android Auto and is now reliant on smart devices to work.

Your next auto could be a giant Android device on wheels. Though, the company's plans are still unclear at the moment, launching an iOS version of the famous assistant will further give the app a big push in the AI market.

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