ZeniMax sues Samsung over Oculus-derived Gear VR headset

ZeniMax sues Samsung over Oculus-derived Gear VR headset

ZeniMax sues Samsung over Oculus-derived Gear VR headset

And now, ZeniMax is going after Samsung's VR, solution, Gear VR.

The company says that Samsung "stands to realize substantial value as a result of its use of ZeniMax's misappropriated intellectual property and information obtained by Samsung from Oculus, Luckey, and Carmack in violation of the NDA and Carmack's employment agreement".

ZeniMax Media has filed suit [PDF] in Texas against the company, claiming that its former execs secretly developed mobile VR technology while working at id Software, owned by ZeniMax.

In the lawsuit filed by Zenimax against Samsung, it claims that Samsung knew about its lawsuit against Oculus, which it filed during the initial development phase of the Gear VR. That's. not quite accurate, but it makes sense that ZeniMax would try to widen its net and see what might stick after the potentially ambiguous ending of the previous case. An adverse decision could not only mean millions in damages, but an injunction to halt any more sales of Gear VR until the offending code is removed. According to the suit, Carmack brought Matt Hooper, who had been recently fired by Zenimax, into the id Software offices after hours, and, "left Hooper unattended, free to examine ZeniMax confidential materials, at which point Hooper went alone into offices where ZeniMax maintained and stored confidential information".

The latest ZeniMax legal filings allege that Samsung knew that they were using stolen technology at Oculus that belong to Zenimax.

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ZeniMax is seeking damages, injunctive relief, court costs and "all other relief to which ZeniMax is entitled" as compensation.

Carmack was also heavily involved with the last lawsuit that ZenIMax won, since he was accused of taking code and a tool used for developing virtual reality.

Samsung might have released the Gear, but it is described as being powered by Oculus in all the marketing bumph, Carmack was supposed to have made heavy software optimisations.

V3 has asked Zenimax for comment. That said, the jury did previously find Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey guilty of violating terms of an NDS, even if "misappropriate trade secrets" weren't leaked.

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