Donald Trump's hit a new low

Donald Trump's hit a new low

Donald Trump's hit a new low

President Trump's approval rating has hit a new low, according to a new survey. While 84 percent of Trump voters still say they approve of the president's work, the share of those voters who strongly approve of him is down to 42 percent, another new low. Half of registered voters disapprove.

Trump had the lowest approval rating of any president at the 100-day mark in the modern polling era and it has shown little sign of improvement.

As first reported by the New York Times, Trump allegedly asked Comey during a meeting in February to drop an investigation into Russian links to Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser.

It's too early to tell how the past two days of bad news have affected President Trump's numbers.

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The survey shows that while more people disapproved of the firing than approved, the president's overall ratings were basically unchanged. Even more worrying for the Trump administration: Morale is declining among Trump's own base. Gallup's most recent daily tracking number shows Trump with 38 percent job approval, though that number is both a three-day average (meaning it extends back to Sunday) and also awfully volatile.

The percentage of voters who said Trump was right to remove Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director, 34 percent, is virtually unchanged from the 35 percent who previously said Trump did the right thing. Among the Democrat voters, he has 8 percent approval rating, compared to 30 percent approval rating of George Bush Jr. Among Democrats, only 15 percent approve of the president's job performance and 79 percent disapprove. That's starkly different from how Republicans feel Trump is doing on job creation; 75 percent of GOP-ers said Trump is doing an excellent/very good job while only 10 percent said he was below average/failing. Slightly fewer voters listed passing tax reform (35 percent) or clearing an infrastructure spending bill (32 percent), and one of Trump's signature issues, constructing a U.S. -Mexico border wall, was a top priority for just 19 percent of voters.

The White House denies the report. And 45 percent disapprove, statistically unchanged from last week's 44 percent.

The poll was conducted from May 12 to 14 among 2,001 registered voters.

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