Parties battle for control of Montana's only US House seat

A reporter for the Guardian has accused Montana U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte of body slamming him during an interview in Bozeman, Mont.

Jacobs "aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg's face, and began asking badgering questions" before being asked to leave, Scanlon said in a statement.

So, they're admitting at the very least that Gianforte tried to grab Jacobs' phone out of his hand, which sounds pretty aggressive to me. Jacobs then "grabbed [the candidate's] wrist and spun away.pushing them both to the ground".

Pence recorded a robocall on behalf of Greg Gianforte, saying "President Trump and I need Greg working with us in Washington to cut your taxes, secure our borders and protect your Second Amendment rights".

Jacobs was evaluated in an ambulance at the scene and taken to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, according to the Hyalite Fire Department.

A spokeswoman for Democrat Rob Quist declined to comment about allegations that his opponent body slammed a reporter on the eve of a special election for Montana's sole congressional seat. The opening was made possible when former Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke took a spot in the President Trump administration.

Gianforte was seen sitting in a vehicle near his campaign headquarters during the incident and had been speaking with Gallatin County deputies.

"After this week, this is the last thing we needed", Gootkin said, referring to the shooting death and funeral of Broadwater County Sheriff's Deputy Mason Moore.

"The fact that we're talking about Montana - a super red seat - is incredible", said John Lapp, who led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the 2006 cycle.

In an audio recording published by the Guardian, Jacobs can be heard asking Gianforte about Wedensday's Congressional Budget Office score of the American Health Care Act, a bill Gianforte supports.

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"The Trump train is chugging along in Montana", Gianforte said.

The Montana race is also being closely watched by national groups, she said, as a possible harbinger of things to come - not only in the Georgia special election in June, but also in next year's wider battle over Congress during the Trump era. We will provide a press release with more information when appropriate.

A filing from the Federal Election Commission indicates Gootkin donated $250 to Gianforte's campaign in March.

The Republican told supporters on Tuesday that he is eager "to work with Donald Trump to drain the swamp and make America great again", referencing two of the president's campaign slogans.

He followed that with: "There was a local TV crew there when Gianforte body slammed me".

"This particular race is outside our purview", Mangan said.

Tina Olechowski says Quist was making the rounds across the state to thank volunteers and was on his way to Missoula on Wednesday when the altercation involving Republican Greg Gianforte happened.

Dooling's complaint focuses on a 24-page insert that appeared Sunday in three Montana newspapers, with a combined circulation of 35,000 readers.

"I've never seen anything like this", Johnson said.

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