Abbott: Announcement on special session later in week

Abbott: Announcement on special session later in week

Abbott: Announcement on special session later in week

They are also key issues for Governor Abbott though Abbott didn't start speaking out in favor of a bathroom bill until relatively late in the session.

Abbott made the announcement during a press conference at the Texas Department of Transportation where he signed a bill into law creating state regulations for ride-hailing companies.

The A-F accountability system, which was approved by lawmakers last session, wasn't received well by schools and public education advocates.

"When it gets to a special session, the time and the topics are exclusively up to the governor in the state of Texas", Patrick said.

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Only the governor can call a special session, and his office has insisted that lawmakers resolve their issues during what's left of the regular legislative session. Other lawmakers, including Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, are pushing Abbott to add bills including the so-called "bathroom bill" to a special session agenda. If Abbott bends to Patrick's will, and calls a special session, it will nearly ensure that Patrick will be able to force Straus' hand and get both bills passed, complete with the Senate's preferred language.

During a special session, the governor picks the topics to be addressed and he can call lawmakers back as many times, for as many special sessions as he would like, until the Legislature produces what he wants. Under state law, the operations of agencies periodically are reviewed and reauthorized - and the medical agencies were on the list this year.

"This is something that is incredibly to easy achieve that members could have very easily gotten together and agreed upon (that) specifically was not done", he said.

When Abbott was asked if he was feeling any pressure from Patrick on a special session, he said "None".

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