Asus' new wireless router has a giant hole in the middle

Asus' new wireless router has a giant hole in the middle

Asus' new wireless router has a giant hole in the middle

The company revealed the smart router at Computex 2017, which is now happening in Taipei.

The new Asus Blue Cave is powered by an Intel technology with Intel Wi-Fi chipset. To make sure that the ASUS Blue Cave does not languish in obscurity at the back of your computer setup the company has added blue LEDs to the hole which makes it look attractive. ASUS launched an AC2600 router called the Blue Cave that immediately catches your attention with the big hole in its middle.

Other interesting aspect to take into account of the new router is that it supports IFTTT and Alexa.

As yet there are no details on how much the Asus Blue Cave WiFi router will cost, you can find out more details about the device at the link below.

You can also manage the router from your smartphone or tablet - where you can control what apps can access the Internet and view network usage. The company has also augmented the capacity of the number of devices which can be connected concurrently to the router.

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AiProtection, the commercial grade security for routers is what is offered in the Blue Cave.

Asus says the router will ensure smooth 4K UHD streaming and fast gaming, and it also integrates into IFTTT for automated tasks in the smart home.

The Blue Cave has no external antennas and the blue hole in the device is meant for a objective as it separates the two antennas from the motherboard of router which sits at the bottom of it.

The Asus AiProtection has a great feature as whenever an unknown device connects to the router, it will send a notification to its users and thus the users will be able to detect the hack easily. The price information is not yet confirmed by Asus, but as per a report from Engadget, it is said to bear a price tag of Rs. 11,617.

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