Dazed Tiger Woods struggles to walk in straight line in arrest video

Dazed Tiger Woods struggles to walk in straight line in arrest video

Dazed Tiger Woods struggles to walk in straight line in arrest video

He returns to begin the tests.

When the officer asks Woods if he had anything to drink or taken any illegal drugs, Woods answers "no". He even seemed to misunderstand instructions to say the alphabet.

Woods swayed, rolled his eyes and closed them as police conducted field sobriety tests. Woods' right turn signal was also flashing. The golfer walks off before asking police what he's doing.

The arrest is the latest in a series of woes for Woods that date back to Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, when Woods was involved in a vehicle crash just outside of his home just two days after a National Enquirer report published a story about the golfer being in an extramarital affair.

At another point, the tape shows Woods bending down to tie his shoelace as one of the police officers tells him, "It's your other shoe that's untied, man".

He was discovered by police asleep in his auto in the right lane of a road, his right turn indicator blinking and the motor running.

In the incident report, police also noted there was "fresh damage" to the golfer's vehicle.

Another officer eventually joins Palladino, who begins to question Woods.

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"Where are you headed to?"

Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Woods later said his condition was caused by prescription medications.

When the officer asks Woods where he had been, the 14-time major champion says "LA", despite being in Florida. According to a police report released on Tuesday, Woods blew a.000 on the breathalyzer twice.

The video shows Woods failing to walk barefoot in a straight line after getting out of his 2015 Mercedes AMG, which had flat tyres and damage which police said was recent. He was by himself and wearing his seat belt.

However, the 41-year-old was said to have had "extremely slow and slurred speech", while his attitude towards officers was described as "cooperative" but "confused". A breath test registered 0.0 for alcohol, corroborating what Woods said in a statement issued Monday evening. "I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly", he said.

Woods' arraignment in Palm Beach County court is scheduled for July 5.

In his statement, Woods apologized to family, friends and fans. However, he hasn't won a tournament since 2013 and has not won a major since the 2008 U.S. Open.

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