Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

This morning Apple revealed the HomePod, their first "home speaker" - or Siri Speaker, if you prefer.

It'd be nice to see Apple come out with additional colors - or at least some way to personalize the speaker - considering that the Home has interchangeable bases that give it a nice visual flair.

The Homepod, which stands at a mere seven inches tall, will integrate with Apple's Homekit apps, allowing users to adjust air conditioning, lighting, and more.

Chief executive Mr Cook, referencing the company's iTunes service and iPod, said: "Just like portable music, we would like to reinvent home music". Shipments of intelligent home speakers surged almost 600% year-over-year to 4.2 million units in the fourth quarter, with Amazon taking about 88% share and Google 10%, according to consultant Strategy Analytics. It's not clear whether Apple will turn a profit on the device when it officially hits the market later this year.

Samsung doubled the number of wearable devices shipped compared with the previous year, but it's still at fourth overall, at less than 5 percent, just ahead of Garmin.

At the company's annual developer conference next week, it is expected to add to those categories. The idea is to get outside software programmers geared up to write apps for Apple products.

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This course will teach you how to build for one of the most prominent smart home devices, Amazon Echo, and its voice service Amazon Alexa.

The next version of iOS, which powers the iPhone and iPad, as well as desktop software macOS and the Apple Watch's watchOS were also updated at the firm's Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC.

With consumers less interested in buying new tablets, Apple has increased its focus on designing tablets for professionals to do much of the same work that they usually perform on a laptop computer.

The clash of approaches is coming to a head as virtual assistants that respond to voice commands become a priority for the leading tech companies, which want to find new ways of engaging customers and make more money from shopping and online services. If the speculation pans out, the speaker would be Apple's first new product since its smartwatch in 2015. Google Home followed in October and Microsoft's assistant, Cortana, is also finding a home in home speakers.

Amazon is constantly updating Alexa with new skills, ranging from the mundane to the critical-reminders and lists being the latter. Apple says "the HomePod provides deep knowledge of personal music preferences and tastes and helps users discover new music".

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