WWDC 2017: Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

WWDC 2017: Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

WWDC 2017: Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

Cook did not mention when the Amazon Prime Video service will be coming to Apple TV, only revealing that it will be available sometime later this year.

"HomePod packs powerful speaker technology, Siri intelligence and wireless access to the entire Apple Music library into a attractive speaker that is less than seven inches tall, can rock most any room with distortion-free music and be a helpful assistant around your home", Shiller said.

Like any other Apple device, the Apple HomePod activates itself on listening to "Hey Siri".

The free software, iOS 11, is expected in September, when Apple typically releases new iPhones.

Amazon sells Echo devices for $179, and smaller "Dot" versions for $50. That's especially important because people are starting to access information, entertainment and search in a more "pervasive" way that's less dependent on smarthphones, he said.

HomePod, infused with machine smarts by Siri digital assistant, will be priced at $349 when it begins shipping in December in the United States, Australia and Britain.

Consumer spending on smart home related products and services will reach almost $90 billion this year and reach $155 billion by 2022, according to consultant Strategy Analytics.

More than 35 million people in the USA are expected to use a voice-activated speaker at least once a month this year, more than doubling from last year, according the research firm eMarketer.

The smart speaker works by talking to an updated Siri that better understands music-related requests, Apple said during its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California.

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But Apple is late to the game on VR. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality have also become a focus for all platforms.

Apple is facing stiff competition in maintaining market share and is trying to find a means to continue to grow its consumer revenue.

Apple also announced the brand new watchOS 4. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage.

New photo editing tools, as well as filtering tools based on machine learning which can sort images by keywords and faces, will refresh the Photos app in High Sierra too. Meanwhile, Apple TV and Google Chromecast have both been conspicuously left out of Amazon's online retail market. So far, the service has limited payments to purchases of products and services from companies and other organizations.

"What we tried to do is build something that is a breakthrough speaker first", Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg. "Standards within the smart city sphere are in the early stages but they will make everything more efficient for users in the long run". It will not actually block ads, though. It will not block the ads themselves, though.

It is created to work with the Apple Music subscription service and can produce rich sound while tapping into the artificial intelligence power of Siri. A brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro was announced alongside a refreshed 12.9-inch model.

The mobile operating system will also get a new file management system that is much more closely aligned with the traditional file systems found on desktop and laptop computers.

And on the hardware side, the new $5k iMac Pro will be the most powerful ever made, with 5.5 teraflops (a real thing) of graphics processing power on its smoogletron (not a real thing). For starters, the new app doesn't sound like it offers a significantly different shopping experience.

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