'Wonder Woman' Cinematographer On The Film's Use Of Color

'Wonder Woman' Cinematographer On The Film's Use Of Color

'Wonder Woman' Cinematographer On The Film's Use Of Color

Patty Jenkins directs Wonder Woman and makes big steps forward from Zack Snyder's and David Ayers' previous failed attempts with DC.

Gal Gadot is now one of the most talked-about actresses in Hollywood after her hit film "Wonder Woman" broke records last week.

Before Wonder Woman, Jenkin's only had one other movie to her name - the 2003 feature debut Monster.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman topped the film character list, followed by Batman and - surprise? However, Warner Bros now recognizes that one movie doesn't represent a whole series and that there's still a lot in the air surrounding this whole universe of films. After boffo box office for Richard Donner's "Superman" in 1978 and the Tim Burton-directed "Batman" films of the late '80s and early '90s, DC experienced a bit of a lull on the big screen.

This year's Wonder Woman was a fairly standalone story, even considering we know we'll be seeing Gal Gadot in Justice League to stand beside her fellow DC superheroes.

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Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has thanked fans for the "craziest weekend" of her life after her superhero movie stormed the box office worldwide.

"I had so many 'almosts, ' and another camera test, and it was nearly mine, and another one and another one", she says to Fallon. Through a series of events, Diana ends up in Europe during World War I, on a mission to kill Ares, the god of war, whom she sees as responsible for all of the death and destruction going on around her. She later returned for the fifth movie, Fast Five, that also brought The Rock in the action. "It's great that after 75. years that this character had been around, finally she gets her own movie". By this, I mean that each of their previous films changed drastically based on various factors, like Suicide Squad turning into a cheap Guardians of the Galaxy knock-off.

Film mums will be taking their daughters (and hopefully sons) to see this summer to show them that a woman's place is anywhere she damn well wants to be.

"Wonder Woman" is now screening at USA theaters. Gadot may not win an Oscar, but she manages to make Diana, Princess of the Amazons, a believable superhero.

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