Apple's Tim Cook insists it helps the police on terror

Apple's Tim Cook insists it helps the police on terror

Apple's Tim Cook insists it helps the police on terror

But Cook said there was plenty of useful information tech companies could share in the form of metadata. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook warned Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates that technology - and social media in particular - can divide society even as they are meant to bring people together.

Although Cook said that no details about the cooperation could be revealed, he did say that the government of the USA is being facilitated, through a "lawful process", with the data stored on the company's servers that could help track down the suspects of terror attacks, which have been plaguing the country for quite some time now.

Cook added that while he could not give further details, Apple provided the information promptly once the lawful process is followed. Metadata is information regarding the circumstances of your text messages or phone conversation (i.e. when, where, and how you communicated) rather than its actual content.

"Metadata exists and that's very important for building a profile", he told Bloomberg. It may not be able to access iMessage, FaceTime calls, and iCloud backups.

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The issue is once again in the spotlight due to a third terror attack in the United Kingdom in less than three months.

The proceeds from said tax should be used "for a significant infrastructure spend in the US because it creates jobs". Apple's high privacy standards and tough encryption have been criticized by law enforcement officials and the company clashed previous year in court with the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the issue.

He didn't specify which attacks prompted Apple's involvement - an attack in Manchester during an Arianna Grande concert almost two weeks ago killed 22 people, while seven people died and 48 left injured after attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday night, leading to police raids in east London that saw 11 people arrested. Even in the App Store, apps that support hate speech or recruiting are not published, the executive said. "What we've tried to do is build something that is breakthrough speaker first", said Cook, responding to a question about why people should buy the $349 HomePod over Amazon's cheaper Echo. "So we're very vigilant on what happens from that point of view".

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