Senate Committee Hearing With Intelligence Chiefs

Senate Committee Hearing With Intelligence Chiefs

Senate Committee Hearing With Intelligence Chiefs

And asking them to interfere in the investigation is precisely what Trump did, The Washington Post reported last month.

According to some key senators, Coats may reveal more about his interactions with Trump, including when the President reportedly urged the former IN senator to rebut the notion there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Both Rogers and Coats were uneasy about the request, given that the FBI is conducting an investigation about the matter.

"Not that I'm aware of - because I feel it's inappropriate", Rogers said.

"I've never been directed to do anything inappropriate nor have I felt pressured to do so", Director Rogers said.

Rogers also followed a similar line.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it's standard practice for executive branch officials, such as the ones who testified, to decline to discuss conversations with the president.

"I don't understand why the special counsel's lane takes precedence over the lane of the United States Congress", Senator Angus King fumed. What follows are samples of lawmakers' questions and Coats' answers broadcast by C-SPAN. "Is there or not?"

"I stand by the comments I've made", Rogers said. Why are you not answering the questions?

King shot back: "What you feel isn't relevant, Admiral". If there is, then let's know about it. "If there isn't, answer the questions".

"I do not share with the general public conversations that I have with the President or many of my colleagues within the administration that I believe should not be shared", Coats repeated.

"Well, I do mean it in a contentious way", King fired back.

"I don't care how you felt".

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We don't know exactly what happened in the separate conversations between the president and Coats and Rogers. Sen.

Mr. Comey did not say exactly what he believed was incorrect about the article, which was based on information from four current and former American officials, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information was classified.

"Is there some prohibition in the law that I'm not familiar with that you can't discuss an item that you've been asked directly?"

The panel's ranking Democrat, Sen.

"What's the basis?" King asked.

McCabe refused to say why it was not appropriate to answer questions about any conversations he may have had, and said again that Comey would speak for himself. "You swore that oath - to tell us the truth". And today you are refusing to do so.

The Senate Intelligence Committee grilled the nation's top intelligence officials on whether President Trump had invoked executive privilege.

"I'm not sure I have a legal basis", Coats responded.

With their testimony coming a day before a highly anticipated hearing with Comey regarding the events that led to his firing in May, intelligence chiefs refused to answer questions regarding Trump and the ongoing Russian Federation investigation.

The committee was specifically discussing section 702 of the act.

Coats did not offer any details, but said, "Just because it's in The Washington Post doesn't mean it's declassified".

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