North Korean nukes threaten global peace: Pentagon chief

North Korean nukes threaten global peace: Pentagon chief

North Korean nukes threaten global peace: Pentagon chief

The official Rodong Sinmun daily said "recent strategic weapon tests have proved" that "anywhere in the U.S." is within the North's missile range.

The isolated state has accelerated its missile-testing program in defiance of United Nations sanctions, as leader Kim Jong Un seeks to develop a device that can deliver a nuclear warhead to North America.

North Korea appears to have launched multiple anti-ship missiles Thursday.

The US in May successfully tested a ballistic-missile defense system meant to intercept a nuclear attack from North Korea, but it did so in conditions short of an actual combat situation.

The statement from Jeffrey Lewis comes after North Korea has said that it is "not a long way off at all" from developing their own nuclear weapon that could target the U.S.

Blasting Washington's "antagonistic" ways, Pyongyang said it was historically proven that the United States "could not even imagine" engaging in a war with countries that possess nuclear bombs and ICBMs.

"Separately, North Korea has published images of an apparently successful ground test of a re-entry vehicle previous year".

North Korea's effort to circumvent global sanctions on its nuclear and missile programs is complex but could be defeated by targeting relatively few Chinese firms, a report said Monday.

He told reporters that France hopes the council will move ahead on a strong resolution that demands better implementation of existing sanctions and tougher new sanctions against North Korea.

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North Korea conducted two nuclear tests previous year.

South Korean President Moon Jaein has been briefed on the latest launch, the military said, declining to give further details.

"The unattractiveness of both acceptance and intervention is what keeps bringing policymakers back to the third option, trying to cap and reverse the North Korean nuclear threat through negotiations".

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said North Korea's nuclear weapons program poses a "clear and present danger" to global peace and security.

"For a peace treaty, the first thing we need to do is to recognise North Korea as an independent country", Kim told participants.

"The DPRK is about 10,400 km far away from NY".

The last report released by C4ADS past year highlighted the key role played by a prominent Chinese businesswoman and her vast conglomerate, resulting in US and South Korean sanctions against the firm, Dandong Hongxiang, and specific individuals associated with it.

For some time now, North Korea has been alarming its neighbors with frequent ballistic-missile tests that have made it a potential flash-point for conflict.

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