Chicago Officer Rescues Dog from Lake

Chicago Officer Rescues Dog from Lake

Chicago Officer Rescues Dog from Lake

Earlier this morning, police were able to rescue a dog that had fallen into Lake Michigan and was unable to get back onto land on its own.

Police were nearby because of a multiple-vehicle crash in the area. The Malibu then collided with a Dodge Durango, according to police.

A 30-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman who were involved in the crash were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with back pain, officials said. "And then I heard the splash and was like 'Uh oh'". Once the dog was safe, Farris, Field Training Officer Daniel Guzman and other officers tried to wrangle him so he wouldn't run into traffic.

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An officer grabbed the animal, and police managed to put a leash on it. When the dog wouldn't jump over the barrier wall, Farris coaxed the animal with water and easily put him in the squad vehicle, safe and sound.

"I never thought I'd be coming to work today and saving a dog's life", Farris said, facing reporters after his heroism.

"I've always wanted to a dog", said Farris, noting he lives in a high rise. The dog was rescued from the water by officers responding to the crash. If nobody claims him, the officer who rescued him says he might adopt the dog.

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