Germany: number of Britons granted citizenship quadruples

Germany: number of Britons granted citizenship quadruples

Germany: number of Britons granted citizenship quadruples

Germany's federal statistics office said 2,865 Britons took German citizenship past year.

This is the highest figure ever recorded for British citizens, the Destatis said, adding that "some link with the Brexit issue" was clear.

In total, 110,400 individuals were naturalized as German citizens in 2016, a year on year increase of 2.9 percent.

A total of 2,865 British people became citizens of Germany in 2016 because of the European Union referendum. It was 361% more than in 2015 and the highest annual number yet measured for Britons.

The largest group of people taking up German citizenship came from Turkey although the total of 16,290 was down 17.3 percent from previous year.

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Poles were the second largest group with 6,632 becoming German citizens, an increase of 11.3%.

Among nationals of Europe's biggest economies, only Italians - 3,597 of them - surpassed Britons in pursuing German citizenship, according to the latest statistics. That uncertainty over the future status of British nationals living and working in other European Union countries has been increased by Theresa May's election debacle that cost her party its majority and left her weakened just days before Brexit talks are due to begin.

Meanwhile, the number of Turkish citizens seeking naturalization continued to decline significantly, down 17.3% past year.

Anyone who has lived in Germany for eight years or has been married to a German for six years is eligible for citizenship.

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