Nintendo Boss Addresses Some Of The Nintendo Switch's Biggest Issues

Nintendo Boss Addresses Some Of The Nintendo Switch's Biggest Issues

Nintendo Boss Addresses Some Of The Nintendo Switch's Biggest Issues

Kotaku spoke with Nintendo of America's President - Reggie Fils-Aime - at E3, covering the Switch's upcoming voice chat, Switch vs 3Ds, Virtual Console, and more. Nintendo then announced that that its availability was going to be pushed back to 2018.

The Nintendo Switch app is more than likely able to mix the game sound with the chat audio and deliver that to a Bluetooth headset.

Nintendo's focus isn't going to be on the Switch full time, there's still a place for the 3DS.

"The way we continue to make Nintendo 3DS vibrant as a platform is first we continue to innovate from form factor standpoint", Reggie explained in the interview.

This is good news, and I am all for Nintendo bringing over more Wii U games to the Switch- not only does that give more people a chance to play and enjoy those games, but if those ports are anywhere near as fantastic as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was, I don't think anyone will complain.

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Hands-On Time with Nintendo Switch games. People got used to that with Wii and Wii U as downloads. Nintendo has already done voice chat on previous consoles.

While Fils-Aime does reiterate the point devs have heard from the company for some time - that mobile games featuring Nintendo characters are meant to encourage people to buy Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles - he also points out that mobile devices can popularize Nintendo products in regions where consoles aren't commercially viable. Nintendo says that the app is connecting to the Nintendo Switch in the app description. Will they have to pay to play games online? Fortunately, Nintendo, which likes money, has heard the cries of gamers and is trying to make it possible to buy a Switch at a store, instead of off eBay.

"It's everything from not only how is it going to work but it's also how we do this in a way that doesn't lend itself to piracy or systems or our core software infrastructure that can be modded or hacked", Fils-Aime told Mashable. We think that consumer is looking for essentially exclusively portable type of games and experiences.

"In the end, what we want is we want the consumer to call it their device, right?" This is the kind of game that fans have been wanting for years and will surely sell incredibly well despite that fact it's running on six year old hardware.

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