Iran calls missile attack on Syria militants a wider warning

Iran calls missile attack on Syria militants a wider warning

Iran calls missile attack on Syria militants a wider warning

The IRGC uses the term Takfiri to describe ISIS.

Iran's armed forces launched missiles at ISIS targets in Syria in response to the twin terror attacks in Tehran recently carried out by the terror group.

Rezaei also called the missile attacks "the message of Iran's authority" to "the supporters of terrorism".

Iranian state-controlled television quoted IRGC spokesman Ramazan Sharif as making the comments on June 19, after Iran's elite force said it had fired missiles targeting the extremist group Islamic State (IS) in Syria following deadly attacks in Tehran earlier this month.

Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard, a paramilitary force in charge of the country's missile program, said it launched six Zolfaghar ballistic missiles from the western provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan.

Iraqi lawmaker Abdul-Bari Zebari said his country agreed to the missile overflight after coordination with Iran, Russia and Syria.

Iran's homemade missiles, which can hit targets up to 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) away, are a major point of tension with Washington and Israel.

Analyst Foad Izadi said the strike was meant to convey several messages.

The Iranian attack inside Syria came on the same day the U.S. shot down a Syrian fighter jet that was bombing US-backed Kurdish rebels in Raqqa.

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Since the shooting down of the Syrian plane, Russian Federation has stopped coordination with the Syria and threatened to shoot down any planes from the USA -led coalition that it detects west of the Euphrates river.

Ya'ari noted that Iranian officials, trying to cover up the extent of the failure, have been repeating over and over in the past few hours how successful the missile strike was.

Netanyahu has warned about Iran for years and he strongly opposed the American-brokered nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran in 2015.

"The three captured members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are now being questioned by Saudi authorities", it said, citing a Saudi official.

"They don't have the capability to engage in clashes with us for now and of course, we don't intend to involve in clashes with them but we are in permanent rivalry with them in different fields, including the missile sector", he said.

Breitbart News previously reported that shortly after the Ramadan attacks took place in Tehran, Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the attacks were a cowardly act and reportedly downplayed the tragedies as a "minor issue".

"We follow their actions and we follow their words", Netanyahu said.

"I'm sure that because of this neither the us nor anyone else will take any actions to threaten our aircraft", Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the defense, told state-owned RIA Novosti news, according to A.P.

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