Xbox One X is not making a profit for Microsoft yet

Xbox One X is not making a profit for Microsoft yet

Xbox One X is not making a profit for Microsoft yet

Speaking with GameSpot, Playful's Paul Bettner-who is developing the game on Xbox One X as well-shared his thoughts on the upcoming system.

Microsoft pre-announced the Xbox One X, then known as Project Scorpio, at E3 2016.

Microsoft is offering a $50 retailer gift card to customers who purchase the Xbox One or Xbox One S from GameStop and Target from June 18th through June 24th.

That being said, the tech titan confirmed several games for the Xbox One X console. Rumors suggest that Sony is also preparing the next-generation console, possibly dubbed the PlayStation 5, to take on the Xbox One X. According to the rumor mill, the Japan-based electronics giant will launch the PlayStation 5 or simply PS5 sometime in 2018. Despite the sizeable disparity in power, the enhanced specs of the Xbox One X actually helped Forza developer Turn10 get better performance out of the original 2013 model Xbox One. "So that's the point that I love to say, 'What kind of gamer are you?' and let you decide what's best for you", he said. This made the game a flawless candidate for one of Xbox Live's first online multiplayer games, one which would be great to see again on Xbox One.

Aesthetically, the Xbox One X isn't much to look at - it's essentially a smooth black box. There was a great story, massive open world, and excellent combat - all of which made Jade Empire a must-play title for everyone on the Xbox back in 2005, even if you didn't enjoy role-playing experiences in the first place. The truth of the matter, which came straight from Xbox head Phil Spencer, is that you won't be seeing as many games as you think.

The major advantage of the Nintendo Switch over the other two consoles - aside from the outstanding exclusive games such as Zelda that Nintendo delivers - is the fact that the console offers portable gaming.

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The world's most powerful console begins rolling out to all Xbox One markets starting on November 7.

While the PS4 Pro has 8 GB of RAM the Xbox One X has 12 GB of GDDR5 memory.

This odd little gadget with a market-defying form factor has flexibility, mobility, and an entirely different collection of games going for it. Xbox One X also offers the ultimate 4K entertainment package with 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray X and streamed content, HDR support for gaming and video, and Dolby Atmos support.

I do not own a 4K TV, nor do most of the people I know.

The Xbox One X is coming in at a price point that has never been seen before in the console marketplace, with the launch price being $499.

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