GOP touts their budget plan as impasse solution

GOP touts their budget plan as impasse solution

GOP touts their budget plan as impasse solution

Actual costs may be lower, with not all lawmakers in attendance each day, some forgoing the per diem payments and lawmakers typically getting a roundtrip mileage once a week. But House Republican Leader Jim Durkin brushed aside questions raised by House Democrats.

The first day of a special session on the IL budget crisis is off to a slow start.

Lawmakers blew past a budget deadline last month, triggering a requirement that any new budget vote be by three-fifths instead of a majority.

"Having a single partisan press conference, laying out your demands with no wiggle room, is not a compromise", Frerichs said Wednesday morning in Champaign. "With just 11 days left in the fiscal year, the governor is calling for unity while running attack ads on Democratic legislators?" The Senate adopted a $37.3 billion plan with cuts and an income tax increase. We've asked the General Assembly to come together in a special session for the next ten days.

The treasurer warned that if no budget is approved by July 1 - the beginning of the new fiscal year - "you'll have a continuation of what has been happening". Rating agencies are threatening to downgrade the state's credit to "junk". This special session will tell IL residents who wants to govern.

About half an hour after convening on Wednesday, the Illinois House adjourned until Thursday.

List of GOP congressmen found with baseball practice shooter
Federal Bureau of Investigation officials said none of Hodgkinson's posts pertaining to Republicans could be considered threats. Also shot were Capitol Police special Agent Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zachary Barth and lobbyist Matt Mika.

On the eve of a ten day special session Governor Rauner held an address to urge the General Assembly to unite and pass a balanced budget for the first time in almost three years. But Democrats, skeptical of the timing, say the deal is far from bipartisan.

Top Illinois Republicans are urging the Democrat-controlled Legislature to consider a plan they say is a "compromise" that could end the state's budget impasse. "Our plan is responsible, protects taxpayers by proposing a hard spending cap and a four-year property tax freeze. They'll engage with anyone who wants to engage with them to fashion a spending plan that would be good for all Illionisans". "I'm here today responding to the call of the special session", House Speaker Michael Madigan said following a private strategy meeting with fellow Democratic members of the House.

It would be the third straight year without a full budget in place.

For example, the Senate Democrat plan would permanently raise the state income tax by 32 percent, from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent. Democrats hold 66 seats, so if they all agree to support the budget proposal, at least five Republicans will need to lend their support for the state to begin to move out of this financial swamp of its own making it finds itself in.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has called a special session in Springfield that starts Wednesday, saying the time to act hasn't been more urgent. In California, state legislators and other statewide elected officers don't get a paycheck if they fail to send the governor a budget by June 15. The venture capitalist holding public office for the first time has pushed for pro-business measures in conjunction with a budget that includes a tax increase.

The Republican governor was short on details, during a brief, live televised statement to Illinoisans.

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