Uber knew fired exec had info at center of Google theft case

Uber knew fired exec had info at center of Google theft case

Uber knew fired exec had info at center of Google theft case

The Alphabet Inc unit's claims were bolstered Wednesday when it told the court Uber has said that Levandowski informed then-Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick more than a year ago that he had five discs containing Google data.

The woman, a resident of Texas, sued Uber and Kalanick, two former senior executives for intrusion into private affairs, public disclosure of private facts and defamation, reported The New York Times. According to Recode, a petition is now going around the Uber offices urging the board to reconsider and reinstate Kalanick in some leadership capacity. Reuters has no evidence that bribery occurred.

In response to my request about the petition, an Uber spokesperson sent me what the executive team communicated to employees yesterday.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Uber acknowledged hiring a former Google engineer - now accused of stealing self-driving vehicle technology - despite having received warnings that he was still carrying around some of his former employer's property. Uber also declined to comment, and O'Melveny & Myers did not respond to a request for comment. Uber's Mr. Gonzalez said he planned to fight that allegation.

Waymo said in a statement, "The evidence clearly shows Waymo's trade secrets have been used in Uber's self-driving auto project".

— February 19: A former Uber engineer, Susan Fowler, discloses sexual harassment and sexism claims in a blog post about her year at Uber.

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Kalanick's resignation shocked many in Silicon Valley who viewed his position as secure, since he held plenty of Uber's stock, and had built the ride-hailing service into a almost $70-billion company in just eight years.

Uber should be looking toward other more seasoned tech names, like Apple (APPL), Amazon (AMZN), Google and Facebook (FB), as examples because they have all managed to create "great" cultures while still being aggressive, Clinton argued. Though the driver was convicted in 2015, Kalanick and other executives became convinced the crime was a set up by a local rival, former employees said. "Uber is TK and TK is Uber", the note reads, referring to Kalanick's internal nickname. Alexander was sacked earlier this month. In a blog post on Medium published on Tuesday, Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, who has long aligned himself with Kalanick, called Uber's problems serious.

— March 19: Uber's president, Jeff Jones, resigns less than a year after joining the company.

They add that the Uber debacle showed, legal provisions such as board seats or shareholder voting rights matter much less than actual performance in Silicon Valley too.

Benchmark's Gurley praised the CEO on Twitter following his resignation.

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