Sean Spicer greets India 'Happy Independence Day' ahaed of two months time

Sean Spicer greets India 'Happy Independence Day' ahaed of two months time

Sean Spicer greets India 'Happy Independence Day' ahaed of two months time

"Maybe we should turn the cameras on", he responded.

He continued, "Why not turn the cameras on?"

Some reporters consider this to be a way for Spicer to avoid tough questions or prevent himself mistakenly saying something which could upset Mr.

Spicer said "some days we'll have them" on camera, some days not. They're in the room.

The White House Correspondents' Association has urged Spicer to keep the briefing televised in the interests of transparency and a healthy democracy.

"There's no camera on, Jim", Spicer said, seeming to take a shot at Acosta for showing off on television.

He added, "What would the Republicans have said if Obama turned off the cameras during the Obamacare debate?"

During a contentious exchange, CNN's Jim Acosta tried to ask Spicer a question, to which Spicer replied that there were no cameras on.

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"Yeah, some days we'll have them on, some days we'll have them off", the spokesman said.

"Why are the cameras off Sean?"

"We believe strongly that Americans should be able to watch and listen to senior government officials face questions from an independent news media", he wrote. Acosta demanded. He received no answer from the press secretary.

When asked about the reason for such off-camera briefings, Sean Spicer gave a vague answer saying that it is not really important whether all the discussions about important USA policies can be viewed on television or not. Acosta last week blasted Spicer as "kind of useless" for not giving answers to questions and for doing briefings off the air.

According to official statement he made, Spicer had said, "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period!"

White House press secretary Sean Spicer points to a questioner during the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington, Monday, June 26, 2017. The president's going to speak today in the Rose Garden, I want the president's voice to carry the day. Each time, Trump's spokesmen deflected the question.

In lieu of video, many White House reporters posted photos of Spicer to their Twitter feeds while complaining about the off-camera briefing.

What makes anyone think that this White House will respect or pay attention to anything that the White House Correspondents Association has to say?

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