How Edgar Wright kept 'Baby Driver' moving to the music; opens Wednesday

How Edgar Wright kept 'Baby Driver' moving to the music; opens Wednesday

How Edgar Wright kept 'Baby Driver' moving to the music; opens Wednesday

Elgort says he knew he wanted the role as soon as he read the script.

Elgort, complete with an almost-Elvis accent (the movie's set in Atlanta), plays the titular character, a getaway driver nicknamed Baby who wears earbuds all the time, various stolen iPods playing a never-ending stream of music, the better to both dial down the tinnitus that he got in a family-destroying vehicle accident as a kid and provide the soundtrack for everything in his life. The action and the vehicle scenes are brilliantly directed with some real stunt work.

You have this library of beloved films now, but did you feel with this one you had something to prove after the Marvel Ant-Man situation?

Baby Driver is a flawed but technically astounding achievement, a meticulously crafted rock and rollercoaster of a trip. Now Baby lives a life illustrated with songs, which isn't the same as being guided by voices.

Kind of sounds like Uber, doesn't it? Ansel Elgort is the titular Baby, a streetwise kid working off what's owed to Kevin Spacey's mob boss, Doc. Doc plans the robberies and enlists different crews to pull them off and Baby is his lucky charm.

Written and directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Eiza González with Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. That suspicion begins to create a rift within the group.

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Matt Goldberg on Collider writes that Baby Driver is basically a musical, saying: "Everything is soundtrack, everything is music, and it all combines into an experience unlike anything you've seen before". When he falls for a local waitress (Lily Evans), he tries to escape from his life of crime.

How music is used in Baby Driver is one of the movie's biggest draws. The opening chase is sort of positioned as a clockwork act of precision. Second heist, immediately things start to go wrong. The storm clouds have been gathering during the movie. The whole point of Baby Driver is that style is the substance. Elgort brings a sense of mystery to Baby - starting with whether this youthful-looking lad is really up to swimming with sharks - and the romance with James is sweetly believable, even with its breakneck pace. Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is the official synopsis and some images. It was a natural fit given the fact that Ansel, under the name Ansolo, has enjoyed a secondary career as a DJ and has made several records.

We next see Baby during the day, Wright following the character with long tracking shots as he walks the streets of Atlanta and picks up coffee for the gang.

How did you go about preparing for this film? . "It'll keep audience on their toes". Luckily for Ansel though, Jamie loved the music and praised his voice and so didn't have to deliver his killer line. "And also he's a great actor and a nice guy". They're worn to counter chronic tinnitus - putting nonstop music into the ears of our leading man and thus into ours. It becomes a security blanket, and then a full-blown obsession. Anyway, the upshot is that to Baby, music isn't just a luxury. "I loved how eclectic the role was", he enthuses.

"On an empty road, I'll do some of the tricks that I learned. And his life moves through music, so there's the dance and choreography challenges, too". Pictured: Foxx poses at the premiere for the movie "Baby Driver" in Los Angeles on June 14, 2017.

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