Google and Amazon Join Net Neutrality Protest

Google and Amazon Join Net Neutrality Protest

Google and Amazon Join Net Neutrality Protest

Pai's proposal to repeal the rules is now in a public comment period, with the first deadline to file comments on July 17. A huge portion of the web is partaking in the Net Neutrality Day of Action Protest, an online event created to raise awareness for the essential principles of net neutrality.

And while Google and Facebook have traditionally but quietly been on the wrong end of this conversation for years, company spokespeople have said they'll be joining the proceedings on Wednesday.

What this protest is for: The July 12 protest, which organizers are calling the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality, will fight for free speech on the Internet under Title II of FCC's Communications Act of 1934. "AT&T and other companies like Comcast and Verizon have waged an all-out war on net neutrality protections, because they want to be able to charge Internet users and startups extra fees, and squeeze all of us for more money for less Internet". The "Day of Action" is a global campaign to promote awareness of the ongoing debate over net neutrality. Both have been working hard to broaden their lobbying focus under the Trump administration, and both have been more than happy to sacrifice some integrity (and the health of the internet) in the process. In fact, Google worked pretty tirelessly to make both the 2010 and 2015 net neutrality rules as weak as possible so its business interests wouldn't be harmed.

"The Internet is essential infrastructure for our economy and culture", said the Internet Creators Guild, participants in the protest, in a statement.

Wednesday's Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality will be the largest public backlash against the FCC and is meant to send a strong message to Chairman Ajit Pai amongst concerns that he intends to severely roll back the protection sites have against being "cabelized".

Companies participating will display prominent messages on their homepages on July 12 or encourage users to take action in other ways, such as through push notifications and emails.

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They warn that rolling back net neutrality will give Internet service providers the power to become online gatekeepers. Obviously the big USA cable companies don't provide your internet.

Some companies have been late to rally around the day of action.

Other sites participating include Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Etsy, Vimeo, Amazon, PornHub, AdBlock, Reddit, DropBox, Spotify, and dozens more.

What Is Definition Of Net Neutrality?

. On Wednesday, the websites will tell users about the planned change to net neutrality rules and ask them to contact Congress and the Federal Communications Commission voicing their disapproval of the bill. "The goal of this day of action is to make them listen".

Evan Greer of Fight for the Future, a nonprofit that helped organize the protest, said supporters would be glad to have AT&T join them in their fight, if the company was truly honest.

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