Who is Liu Xiaobo? | Nobel Laureate who died in Chinese custody

Who is Liu Xiaobo? | Nobel Laureate who died in Chinese custody

Who is Liu Xiaobo? | Nobel Laureate who died in Chinese custody

China onhit out at the global community for its support of late democracy activist and Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died onin the northeastern province of Liaoning, as activists continued their calls for his wife Liu Xia to be allowed to leave China. The Norwegian Nobel Committee honoured Liu for his long and non-violent fight for fundamental human rights in China.

The Nobel Committee, which had awarded Liu the Peace Prize in 2010, said the Chinese government bore a heavy responsibility for his death.

Friends and relatives of late Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo said on Friday they had not been able to contact his widow Liu Xia despite mounting worldwide calls for her to be allowed to leave the country.

Liu died from multiple organ failure, the authorities said, having not been allowed to leave the country for treatment for late-stage liver cancer as he wished. The Global Times said, Lui's last days were "politicized" by the forces overseas. Under de facto house arrest since his Nobel win, Liu Xia saw her communication with the outside world nearly completely cut by the government. This manifesto demanded democratic reforms in China by peaceful means.

Geng said China has lodged formal protests with the United States, Germany and the United Nations, among others.

For many of us in India - and, indeed, in the rest of the world - the Chinese economic story has been seen for what it is: a country determined by its leadership's sheer will to lift its people first out of paddy fields, then out of Dickensian factories, and finally into the First World, all in the span of nearly a human lifespan. Friends of Liu Xiaobo's family say efforts to persuade Beijing to allow the couple to leave China were motivated not so much to seek treatment for the terminally ill political prisoner but to facilitate an escape for his severely depressed wife. "The danger was extremely great", Liu Yunpeng said. Trump's spokesman Sean Spicer called Liu a "poet, scholar, and courageous advocate", who "dedicated his life to the pursuit of democracy and liberty".

"It is hard believe the Chinese prison authorities were so incompetent as to not notice a cancer developing in such a high-profile detainee as Liu Xiaobo".

In the wake of his death, China's government-influenced social media platforms have banned searches for his name, "Nobel", the word "candle", as well as "I have no enemies" - an essay Liu had prepared for his trial in 2009, that he wasn't allowed to read.

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China punished Norway by suspending political and economic ties - including salmon imports from Norway - until a year ago, when Oslo promised to respect "China's core interests and major concerns".

In Paris on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping at a joint press conference, before later issuing statements paying tribute to Liu.

"No government should let the death of Liu Xiaobo pass without challenging Beijing's mistreatment of this critical voice for human rights, calling for Liu Xia's freedom, and pressing for the release of all those wrongfully detained across China", HRW China director Sophie Richardson said in a statement. Switzerland was among western countries offering Liu the possibility to receive medical treatment.

Articles mentioning Liu's death, with titles like "The Death of Freedom", were quickly expunged, but artists and curators have instead posted screenshots of the error message, with comments like, "Do you not understand what bullshit this is!"

"CHRD urges the worldwide community to do everything possible to free Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's wife and the love of his life", the group said in a statement on its website.

Citing a government source, state-run China News Service said Liu Xia was "in fact a free woman who just doesn't want to be disturbed".

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Liu Xiaobo has died in Chinese custody at the age of 61.

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