Amazon to introduce its own messaging app

Amazon to introduce its own messaging app

Amazon to introduce its own messaging app

"Based on the images I've been provided, Anytime by Amazon seems to be an all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks", the AFTV report stated.

Amazon is reportedly building its own messaging app called Anytime that will function like WhatsApp, with added extras to make group chats and video chatting way more exciting. Anytime see, s to be a more ambitious messaging platform, one created to contend against other messaging apps in the market such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Viber and many more.

The app will keep chats and messages private and encrypted. That'll let Anytime pull off the neat stunt of being able to contact a person just by punching in their name. The e-commerce giant is working on a messaging app, to give its users features which the social media platforms offer its users.

It's not as if the tech world needs another messaging app, but that apparently won't stop Amazon from throwing their hat into the ring. We expect more word to follow on this new app in the days to come.

Filters, special effects and masks for video calls.

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Apart from this, options like ordering food, pooling bills and sharing locations is also part of the app. For instance, the app will feature end-to-end encryption, audio/video calling support and stickers will also be part of the pack.

According to BGR, the app, called Anytime, is what corporate IT nerds call a "unified communications" app. With "Anytime", users will also be able to chat with businesses to make reservations, check on their orders, and even shop, as per the leaked promotional image.

Anytime App will be standalone messaging App for smartphones, tablets and smart watches and is expected to be full features. Amazon's personal assistant Alexa may also be integrated in some way.

Engadget asked for a comment from Amazon about the accuracy of recent reports.

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