Democrats Call on Trump Vote Fraud Panel Co-Chair to Step Down

Democrats Call on Trump Vote Fraud Panel Co-Chair to Step Down

Democrats Call on Trump Vote Fraud Panel Co-Chair to Step Down

The president also questioned why certain states were refusing to cooperate fully with the commission's requests for voter information, hinting that those states might be hiding something.

In a statement issued days after he sent the letter to the secretaries of state, Kobach said that opposition to the commission was "fake news" and that the panel's work was vital to enhancing election integrity.

Trump's commission asked states to turn over "publicly-available" data, including birth dates, political affiliations and the last four digits of voters' Social Security numbers.

Last night, the Electoral Commission highlighted "troubling" reports that a number of people voted twice in the election, saying evidence had emerged of people admitting to the offence online.

"Can't let that happen", Mr. Trump said. Since his victory, Trump has said multiple times that "millions" of undocumented immigrants voted in November's election. But Trump signed an executive action to create the commission, led by Vice President Mike Pence, to investigate any improper voting. The withdrawals come in response to a federal request for voter information in an investigation of voter fraud.

President Trump established the advisory commission in May with a mandate to review US election integrity, with a focus on voter fraud, voter suppression and other "vulnerabilities". He said the other states should be more forthcoming.

An outline of commission bylaws published Tuesday, however, allows the commission to host "closed meetings" in "limited circumstances and in accordance with applicable law".

According to a Washington Post tally, the LDF complaint is at least the seventh in a sheaf of federal lawsuits filed against the panel, which sparked a national backlash by requesting detailed data about every registered voter in the U.S.

Woman killed outside Church queuing to vote in Venezuela
Observers said the 7,186,170 votes for the opposition insides Venezuela and overseas was an impressive show of support. Venezuela, which has more oil than any other country in the world, was once the richest country in Latin America.

We understand that the Commission has asked states to "hold off" on submitting their voter information while a federal court considers a motion for a restraining order filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center ("EPIC").

"The Trump administration are launching a nationwide assault on voting rights", said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU's voting rights project.

The president touted the commission as transparent and urged its members to approach their work without set conclusions.

Through Friday, almost 4,000 Coloradans had canceled their voter registrations since the commission made a blanket request for voter information from all 50 states.

Cat Smith, Labour's shadow minister for voter engagement, said the government must not be too hasty to change laws on multiple-location electoral registration.

An Electoral Commission report suggests that voter fraud may be an inevitable effect of the current electoral register system, and that changes may need to be made.

Stephen Koranda and Kansas News Service reporter Amy Jeffries discuss why today's election commission meeting puts Kansas back in the spotlight.

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