Ford juices up 2018 Mustang with optional 'drag strip' mode

Ford juices up 2018 Mustang with optional 'drag strip' mode

Ford juices up 2018 Mustang with optional 'drag strip' mode

Today, at long last, we learned just how much more powerful the 2018 models will be and the numbers are impressive, as the new Mustang GT will be the most powerful to ever of its type while the new Mustang EcoBoost is officially the most powerful base engine ever. The Drag Strip mode setting optimizes torque, and transmission to achieve the new acceleration, and hits that sub-four second time when paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires on the auto.

"Typically, when you shift gears, you give up time", Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer, said in Ford's announcement.

Drag Strip mode is available on manual-transmission Mustangs too, but if you're looking for the quickest acceleration, get the automatic. As previously mentioned, it's available with a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford might not be able to touch the Demon's 840 horsepower or its sub-10 second quarter-mile time but that hasn't stopped it from jumping on the racing bandwagon by adding a Drag Strip mode to the 2018 Mustang GT, which offers maximum acceleration through improved responsiveness, speedier gear shifts.

While the GT Edition cracks the 4-second barrier, the EcoBoost-equipped 2018 Mustang also gets a speed boost. The combination helps the Mustang achieve 0-to-60-mph in less than four seconds in Drag Strip mode. Now, Ford is coughing up details about the improvements to the V8-powered GT model. The retuned engine packs 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft. of torque, a 30 lb-ft. gain over the 2017 model. The new 10-speed automatic, with four more gears than before and sharper responses eliminates "the lost time usually associated with automatic shifting", according to the brand.

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The new 10-speed features direct-acting hydraulic controls, and boasts a wider ratio spread than the outgoing 6-speed with optimized spacing.

Ok, it might not be the safest vehicle on the roads, but the Ford Mustang is certainly a whole lot of fun. The design is again multifaceted, allowing for ideal ratio progression, efficiency, and quicker shift times.

The other driver-selectable modes are Normal, Sport, Track, and Snow/Wet.

New Mustang is due to reach showrooms this fall.

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