Arab quartet adds new names to Qatar's terror list

Arab quartet adds new names to Qatar's terror list

Arab quartet adds new names to Qatar's terror list

"I don't believe there are any sensitivities inflicted by the existence of Turkish and USA military bases in Qatar simultaneously", he added.

Erdogan also held talks with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as part of his efforts to solve the Gulf crisis, triggered by the severance of relations between Qatar and four Arab states that accuse Doha of supporting terrorism.

He said he and others had had to "think twice" before accepting Qatar's invitation to the conference over Doha's "fundamental issues" with the rights of women, minorities and freedom of expression. He added that both sides know that their interests in Qatar can not conflict.

"Turkey regards the Qatar crisis as a crisis among fraternal countries", the president added. "Emiratis, not Qataris, were among the hijackers who flew planes into the Twin Towers, " wrote Qatari Ambassador to the United States Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani in a June 18 Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

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Reports that a high-ranking Qatari minister shielded Khalid Sheikh Mohammad from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1996 are certainly known, but they are hardly new. "And then, the next day we were surprised to see what had happened [the blockade]", he said.

"The visits on the Gulf tour were productive and successful", Erdogan told legislators from his ruling AK Party at a parliamentary meeting. "We will come out of this much stronger than before", he said.

In early July, the Arab states sent a list of demand and required Doha to cut diplomatic relations with Iran, close the Turkish military base, eliminate Al-Jazeera TV channel, extradite all persons wanted in four countries on charges of terrorism and pay compensation. The Minister noted that any future agreement must not infringe on the sovereignty of Qatar, and must be binding on all countries and not just Qatar. The Arab countries promised that the list of people and organizations supporting terrorism will be updated. He noted that geography and partnership in oil and gas sector make it inevitable for Qatar to co-operate with Tehran, which also has strong ties with some of the siege countries.

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