Lyft Now Lets You Stop At Taco Bell On The Way

Lyft Now Lets You Stop At Taco Bell On The Way

Lyft Now Lets You Stop At Taco Bell On The Way

You'll place your order via an iPad in the vehicle once it arrives, and will be gifted a free Doritos Loco taco when you snag that after-the-after-party snack. It will be active July 27-30 and August 3-6 from 9 PM to 2 AM.

The bad news is that this is only open in one select market for now: Orange County, California. Competition aside, let's rejoice that these services are making it easier for party people to get their fast-food fix without risking being behind the wheel.

The next time you're on your ride home and you need a midnight taco, there could be a button for that. Through the "Taco Mode" feature, passengers travelling between 9pm and 2am PT will have the ability to request that their driver stops off at Taco Bell along the way.

Lyft drivers like this one no quiere Taco Bell.

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According to TechCrunch, the partnership will offer passengers an in-car menu, free food (other than the Doritos Los Taco), and "swag" to entice you to choose Taco Bell over other late-night food options.

Earlier this month, the Kansas City Council approved new ride hailing regulations that comport with relaxed state rules and opened the door for Lyft to return to Kansas City.

"And now we're not only going to make it permissible, we're going to celebrate this behavior". They have complained for years on ridesharing forums that "drunk idiot" customers "treat (their) vehicle like a trash can". They will take you through the drive-thru like you're some kind of teenage millionaire without a care in the world. Deemed "Taco Mode", this taco-themed rollout is a test run for a larger potential partnership.

"You'd better be paying WAY more than $0.10/minute for wait times on this".

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