Mehbooba's Article 35-A Rant: Cracks appear in PDP-BJP alliance

Mehbooba's Article 35-A Rant: Cracks appear in PDP-BJP alliance

Mehbooba's Article 35-A Rant: Cracks appear in PDP-BJP alliance

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti warned on Friday that any tinkering with the special rights and privileges of the people of the state will leave no one there to hold the tricolor. "Maybe some people won't like it, but to me, India is Indira Gandhi", she said, while speaking at a Kashmir event. Why are they doing it? "I have no doubt in saying that no one will hold it if it is tinkered", said Mufti. It will fly high in Jammu and Kashmir as much as it does in any other state of the Indian Union. "We should decide that this Assembly meets once in this part of Kashmir and once in that part of Kashmir every year so that we can talk about tourism, travel and opening of Sharda Peeth", she said. Let me tell you that my party and other parties who carry the national flag there (in Jammu and Kashmir) despite all risks... "We have a new challenge of taking the people out of difficulties", she said. When I was growing, she represented India for me. "Her children are denied a Permanent Resident Certificate thereby considering them illegitimate - not given any right to such a woman's property even if she is a permanent Resident of state of Jammu and Kashmir". He further added, "Given that one kilo of heroin goes for anything around Rs 5 crore, the consignment was expected to fetch Rs 200 crore if it had reached the market". "India won't be complete with JK", she said, while asking the government of India to "respect the crown".

She also praised the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "man of the moment", who, as she believes, can be the true harbinger of peace and stability in the Valley.

Without explicitly saying so, the Chief Minister conveyed her difference with BJP on three key issues - on holding dialogue with Pakistan, on arrests of Hurriyat leaders, and on Kashmir's special status.

"We have a special status and are religiously and culturally diverse and I want to be associated with India that accepted us that way but what happens today is that sometimes we talk of abolishing the State flag, and sometimes of abrogating Article 370", Mehbooba said.

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She also defended her ally Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) underlining that the reason behind not delivering "agenda of alliance" was due to circumstances created by the "law and order situation" in Kashmir Valley.

She appealed the central government to tread the path of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and revive the Lahore Declaration pact between India and Pakistan so that people in J&K can live peacefully.

"On implementing GST, both (PDP and BJP) were on the same page", the CM said.

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