China's State Media to Trump: Stop 'Emotional Venting' on Twitter

China's State Media to Trump: Stop 'Emotional Venting' on Twitter

China's State Media to Trump: Stop 'Emotional Venting' on Twitter

The piece also criticised the U.S. for sending a pair of B-1B bombers to fly over the Korean peninsula two days after North Korea's successful missile test on Friday.

"I am very disappointed in China", Trump wrote over two Twitter messages.

Qian, while addressing a press conference, said the North Korean nuclear issue and the trade between China and the United States belong to different spheres and are not related - hence they should not be discussed in the same breath.

Another continuing swing is that in Guam, over the Korean Peninsula there two US B-1 bombers have been sent from Andersen #Air Force Base on a 10-hour round trip, in what the US Pacific Air Forces called a direct feedback to the North Korean missile test. And China has essentially acted like it no longer wishes to be bothered in interfering with our North Korea problem. To that end, if China continues to passively address North Korea, I urge you to use.

The United States secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, has turned up pressure on China to help isolate and cajole North Korea.

Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday after the missile test that he was "very disappointed" in China and that Beijing profits from US trade but had done "nothing" for the United States with regards to North Korea, something he would not allow to continue. The Hill also said the measures would include secondary sanctions against Chinese institutions and individuals. Additionally, numerous reports indicate that China has unevenly enforced United Nations sanctions on North Korea and actively watered down sanctions in the most recent UNSC Resolutions.

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To test "combined abilities" during the mission, the B-1s grouped up with fighter jets of Japan and South Korea, the USA military said in a communication.

If China does not change its posture, the USA should take clear and firm action to seek to ensure China's cooperation. As the North Korea issue has festered during his administration, Trump has blamed China, believing that their proximity and close ties to the reclusive regime make them the ideal country to handle the issue.

While China worries about North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, and the USA reaction to them, its overriding concern, US officials say, is to avoid a North Korean collapse, which could send millions of refugees fleeing toward China and lead to a reunified Korea allied with Washington.

"While we will continue to seek worldwide cooperation on North Korea, the United States is sending an emphatic message across the globe that we will not hesitate to take action against persons, companies, and financial institutions who enable this regime", Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said in a June 29 statement on the earlier round of sanctions, clearly alluding to China.

In an interview with Reuters Friday, the top us counter-intelligence official suggested the Trump administration was already working on a plan to toughen CFIUS.

In a serious challenge to Trump, Kim Jong-Un bragged about the ability of his country to beat any target in the United States after the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test that weapons professionals said could still bring NY into range. He said Japan and the United States would take steps towards concrete action but did not give details.

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