Planning to watch the solar eclipse? Read this first

Planning to watch the solar eclipse? Read this first

Planning to watch the solar eclipse? Read this first

Where specifically can I see the total solar eclipse?

How? Well, they'll hop in their jets and track the eclipse as it moves across the central United States, following the moon's shadow from Missouri to IL to Tennessee.

Like solar eclipses, there are different types of lunar eclipses.

In few weeks, the moon will pass between the sun and earth, creating a attractive image, known as a total solar eclipse.

Don't look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device - even using your eclipse glasses or viewer.

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While much of the country will see a partial eclipse (at least 75 percent of the sun obscured by the moon), the total eclipse will only be visible in a 70-mile-wide path extending from OR to SC.

Fisher says the total solar eclipse will go from OR all across the middle of the country to Tennessee and North Georgia to SC. This means the middle of the daytime will be darker and cooler.

On the intervening night of August 7 and 8, India will witness an upcoming lunar eclipse. The last total solar eclipse to cross the USA occurred in 1918 and is not predicted to happen again until 2045. The year 1979 was the last time anyone in the continental US was able to witness a total solar eclipse.

Only use certified solar eclipse glasses to view the eclipse in Coos County. The path will be about 70 miles wide and will stretch from OR to SC.

Since Northeast Wisconsin is NORTH of the track of totality, the maximum eclipse will look like this diagram courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA. You will want to make sure you have these on during any part of the eclipse. But as you can imagine, staring directly at the sun is not good for your eyes. To celebrate this cosmic wonder, the Orlando Science Center is holding viewing parties around town to view the eclipse safely. Floridian's will notice 80-90% of the Sun will be cover by the Moon.

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