Jury selection ends for day in Taylor Swift case

Jury selection ends for day in Taylor Swift case

Jury selection ends for day in Taylor Swift case

She described Swift's profile as a sexual assault victim, and Mueller's as a man with a powerful job.

At least two potential jurors out of the 60-person pool were dismissed Monday when they said they had biases against Swift and David Mueller, the former KYGO DJ accused of groping her during a photo opportunity ahead of a 2013 concert in Denver.

Swift, 27, is one of the top-selling United States singers and has a huge fan following all over the world. She wore bright red lipstick and had her light brown hair pulled back in a bun with full bangs.

Swift, 27, says that broadcaster David Mueller slipped his hand under her dress while they posed together at one of her concerts in 2013.

Mueller, a former country music DJ for KYGO, sued Swift in May 2015, claiming her false complaint to his bosses cost him his job.

A month later, Swift countersued Mueller, accusing him of assault and battery.

Swift's fans and supporters are hailing her for speaking out against the incident.

Mueller denies the allegation and says the photo only shows him trying to jump into the frame.

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Swift and Mueller are expected to testify, along with Mueller's former boss and members of Swift's entourage.

The photo of that meet-and-greet, which was leaked previous year and shown in court on Tuesday, will be a central piece of evidence in the trial.

Swift is seeking $1 (77 pence) in damages, but hopes the case serves "as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts", according to court documents.

The questionnaire then goes on to ask if the potential jurors have ever listened to Taylor on the radio, watched any of her videos, read a blog, magazine or any other news reporting about Taylor, bought any of her albums, downloaded her music, listened to her music on a streaming service or gone to a Taylor concert. "In those thousands of events, she has been inappropriately groped one time - by Mueller - a radio personality".

Mueller and his witnesses will be first to take the stand and be cross-examined after opening statements. They also are being asked to determine not just whose story to believe but what to make of a photograph that both sides say proves their case.

The singer also attended jury selection on Monday.

The DJ added that he had met "hundreds of celebrities" in the past but had never been accused of physical misconduct; and accused a co-worker of being the one who groped Swift. His lawsuit said Swift's accusation is "nonsense".

Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland, argues that Mueller may have been misidentified after someone else touched Swift.

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