Michiana prepares for total solar eclipse

Michiana prepares for total solar eclipse

Michiana prepares for total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth line up so perfectly that the moon blocks the sun, creating rare and spectacular effects across the sky and throughout the natural environment, including darkness in the middle of the day.

However, local skywatchers will still be within the moon's penumbral shadow. The tech giant has promised to ship some 2 million glasses to 4,800 public libraries across the U.S., all in the hopes that as many kids as possible will get to see the moon crossing directly in front of the sun. Though this is the first total eclipse to cross the United States in almost 40 years, there is a total eclipse visible from Earth about every 18 months.

In Cambridge, a partial eclipse covering most of the sun will be visible in the afternoon from about 1:30 to 4.

We might want to view the August 21 eclipse as a primer to an event for our lifetime, coming right here to Pennsylvania on April 8, 2024. Unlike the 2012 event, the 2017 eclipse will be total.

"The really big deal is to see a total one", said Guinan, who is known internationally as an astrophysics expert in solar activity and flares.

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Ozguven believes the interstates can handle the congestion, but traffic issues could trickle down to cities within the eclipse's path of totality.

For Crawfordsville there will be a partial eclipse with approximately 93 percent of the sun being blocked.

"We're about 1.2 miles off of NASA's pinpoint marker on the map that shows the greatest place for total eclipse", he added. But eye protection is needed during the partial eclipse before and after. The filters are made to let you safely look directly at the sun by reducing the levels of harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation hitting your eyes. Most cities along the path have planned festivals and viewing events to watch the eclipse. There are plenty of other ways to view the phenomenon, from watching its reflection in a basin of water to wearing special eclipse viewing glasses - and no, regular sunglasses are not proper viewing eyewear. A pin-hole camera can easily be constructed to project the image on a surface. Unless you plan on traveling to another continent or living to be 100+ this is going to be your best chance to capture the eclipse and document it. Only properly designed and certified solar filters should be used for direct viewing of the sun's disk.

Now that you know what you're looking for, be sure to pick up your eclipse glasses as soon as you can. Also, it's safe to use solar telescopes or solar binoculars or those instruments with approved solar filters. "Doing so could potentially cause permanent damage to your eyes". There are other interesting instances to see before, during, and as the eclipse ends, and they are called "contact times". The shadows will appear different and take on some pretty cool forms. If you're not able to get to one of the locations, you can always catch the eclipse live online.

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