Google Fires Diversity Memo Author as CEO Slams Message

Google Fires Diversity Memo Author as CEO Slams Message

Google Fires Diversity Memo Author as CEO Slams Message

Titled as "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", the article angered many in Silicon Valley because it relied on certain gender stereotypes.

The Google employee memo, which gained attention online over the weekend, begins by saying that only honest discussion will address a lack of equity.

Employment lawyers mostly said Damore's potential legal case over his firing was weak though, with some noting Google would have faced potential lawsuits if it had not acted against him.

Google, Facebook, Uber, and other technology companies have been reiterating over and over again that they are trying to improve hiring and working conditions for women.

"They're putting their ideology before truth", Damore said.

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Meanwhile, more than 60 women may sue Google, alleging gender discrimination, sexism and pay disparities.

The Guardian reported that one female senior manager who recently left the tech company said that men at the same level as her were making "tens of thousands of dollars more than her".

Ironically, then, Google has also been backing efforts to protect websites like Backpage, a classified ad site commonly used by human traffickers to sell sexual encounters with children. Moderate liberals at the company don't believe the memo threatens the rights of women at the company, while moderate conservatives don't think his firing means they can't express themselves, this employee said. Of 440 Google employees who responded to a Blind survey on Tuesday and Wednesday, 56% said they disagreed with Google's decision to fire Mr. Damore. Fifty-six percent of its workers are white and 35 percent are Asian, while Hispanic and Black employees make up 4 percent and 2 percent of its workforce, respectively, according to the company's latest diversity report.

Apparently, one person's memo made people uncomfortable enough to miss work the next day, even when that person was sacked that day. The author of the letter, James Damore, was subsequently terminated by Google, which led some to accuse Google of left-wing bias, and intolerance of differing ideas. She said change is hard and "often uncomfortable".

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