Body Camera Captures Shocking Cop Shooting On Video

Body Camera Captures Shocking Cop Shooting On Video

Body Camera Captures Shocking Cop Shooting On Video

Orr, who has a hand in his pocket and appears to be talking to someone on the phone, suddenly pulls out a gun and begins shooting at Smith, who manages to flee despite being hit four times.

Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith was shot four times January 1, 2016, while responding to a call. Smith drove his patrol vehicle a short distance toward the man, who was later identified as Orr.

The video was released yesterday and helped convict Ore of attempted murder. He will be forced to serve a 35-year term in prison.

After former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in 2014, activists and lawmakers across the country called for a widespread use of body cameras.

Smith is then heard saying, "I am hit".

Smith survived the incident despite a bullet completely severing a vein in the right side of his neck.

The jury at Hampton County Court spent just 45 minutes deliberating before finding Orr guilty on all charges.

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"Dispatch please tell my family I love them", Smith said in the video.

When a SC police officer was shot previous year, he managed to capture the whole incident on video - thanks to a glasses-mounted camera he bought online.

Officer Smith has since recovered from his injuries.

Smith: I've been shot in the chest? "Stay with me man", the man said. "Take your hands out your pocket!" Paramedics arrived on scene shortly afterwards and were able to save the officer's life despite the serious nature of his wounds.

After radioing in his location and the suspect's description, the wounded officer slumped down on the ground next to his cruiser. She gestures toward a park and says a man later identified as Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, in a camouflage hunting outfit, is under a tree some distance away.

"If but not for the grace of God and some very good doctors, this would not only have been a murder case, but a death penalty case", said prosecutor Duffie Stone. "Stay with me, man", as he struggles to figure out how he can best help Smith, who goes to the ground outside his patrol vehicle.

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