Unarmed Russian Military Plane Flies Over US Capitol and Pentagon

Unarmed Russian Military Plane Flies Over US Capitol and Pentagon

Unarmed Russian Military Plane Flies Over US Capitol and Pentagon

A Russian surveillance plane flew over Washington, D.C., and traveled near the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other government buildings Wednesday, CNN reported. It also passed by Joint Base Andrews, home to Air Force One.

In addition, the same aircraft flew over the city of Bedminster, state of new Jersey, where resting US President Donald trump. In the past, Russian Federation has been accused of unfairly restricting some of its territory from view, in particular, over Chechnya or within 10 kilometers of its border with Georgia, according to the Arms Control Center. The jet passed over the Trump National Golf Course in the state, where he is now residing. "We put together the flight plan and with a few exceptions - safety-wise or weather-wise - they are allowed to fly over pretty much the entire territory".

The agreement allows signatory nations to fly unarmed surveillance aircraft over each other's territory and take aerial imagery.

USA military personnel were allowed on the plane for observation and the plane has the capability of gathering intelligence, one person familiar with the flight told CNN. The agency can only confirm specific locations once a mission is over.

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Jack Straw, who was British foreign secretary in 2002 when the treaty was signed, said: 'This is a reciprocal treaty which allows us to fly over Russian Federation. "The Treaty does not preclude an observed State Party from taking mitigation measures at sensitive sites on the ground", TASS cited her as saying.

The ministry also said that the Russian military conducted one inspection in the United States under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). The Washington, DC area is not excluded from this requirement.

Although the targets of surveillance were somewhat out of the ordinary, the flights themselves are relatively routine and are created to promote openness among nations and their militaries.

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