Driver survives seven-storey plunge from Texas vehicle park

Driver survives seven-storey plunge from Texas vehicle park

Driver survives seven-storey plunge from Texas vehicle park

An Austin, Texas parking lot is finally getting some permanent repairs after three drivers drove their cars through flimsy retaining wires from upper floors.

Surveillance video from Austin police shows a auto falling seven stories from a downtown parking garage and striking a SUV, landing in an alley.

The woman said she hit the wrong pedal, causing her vehicle to break through the cable wiring on the seventh floor.

The video shows it hitting the ground before bystanders run to the driver's aid.

The driver of the auto reportedly suffered "serious injuries" from the crash, KXAN reported.

Bizarrely, this is the second time in less than a year that a auto has fallen off the edge of the same parking garage.

Burch and other witnesses then rushed to help the woman inside.

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The deeply scary incident happened a couple of weeks ago in Austin, Texas, but only now has the footage been released.

Both incidents raised questions about the reliability of the cables as a a safety retention measure, and in the city's ability to regulate safety in public garages - common fixtures in Austin's booming growth.

The gripping surveillance video begins with an SUV making a slow turnaround in a downtown Austin alley, before suddenly braking as the driver hears a noise. His SUV was caught by barrier wires, leaving the vehicle hanging off the side of the garage.

A request for comment from parking garage owner GTT Parking LP was not returned because the owner was out of the country and unreachable by phone, the company's spokesman Jason Meeker said.

Water-filled barriers have been put in place as temporary safeguards on all the floors while the property owner files an extension to redesign the whole cable system.

Bowmer says she thought she was going to die. The scene of the accident is marked off with caution tape.

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