Swift Plans To Give Back After Legal Victory In Sexual Assault Case

Swift Plans To Give Back After Legal Victory In Sexual Assault Case

Swift Plans To Give Back After Legal Victory In Sexual Assault Case

Soon after a jury determined that Taylor Swift had been groped by a radio station host before a concert in Denver, the singer-songwriter vowed to become a voice and example for other victims of sexual assault.

Mueller was sacked from his job at 98.5 KYGO radio after Swift said he reached up her skirt and groped her butt while posing for a photograph. But it was nevertheless David Mueller who had triggered the hostilities in September 2015 by pursuing the pop-star and his managers, on the ground that they had provoked his dismissal two days after their brief meeting; He claimed $ 3 million in lost income and compensation.

'He stayed attached to my bare a** as I lurched away from him, 'Swift stated when she took the stand in the case.

After Mueller sued, Swift countersued for assault and battery.

The man who groped Taylor Swift says he's innocent.

Taylor Swift had also asserted, "she acknowledges the privilege of benefit of life, society and her ability to overcome a sore trial like this".

It is a known fact that although there are a lot of documented cases of sexual assault, there's still a significant percentage of cases that are undocumented because the victims are too scared to speak up or get some help.

But the courageous pop sensation sent her legions of young fans a powerful message when she courageously stood up to Mueller.

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The jury believed Swift's accusation that on June 2, 2013, David Mueller reached his hand up her skirt and grabbed her behind without her consent.

Swift revealed politeness and professionalism prevented her from making a fuss at the time, admitting she even thanked Mueller and his then-girlfriend for attending the meet-and-greet after he had groped her. She asked for $1, a number her attorney Doug Baldridge says "has immeasurable value" in the scheme of things.

"I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is in any way my fault, because it isn't", Swift said.

Mueller, who claims he passed two polygraph examinations, said he plans to continue to try to clear his name, which may include appealing the court's ruling.

Whether you love her or loathe her, you have to give Taylor credit.

Swift said she was stunned - and didn't say anything to Mueller or halt the meet-and-greets because she didn't want to disappoint the few dozen people waiting in line for a photo with her.

Swift was dismissed as a defendant in Mueller's suit on Friday after a judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to show that Swift had acted improperly. In addition to suing Swift, he also sued her mother and her radio promotions director Frank Bell.

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