Google introduces the Search Lite app for slow connections

Google introduces the Search Lite app for slow connections

Google introduces the Search Lite app for slow connections

According to the screenshots of the app shared by Android Police, Google is testing its Search Lite in Indonesia.

The next time you're traveling somewhere new, you may be able to use Google Maps or mobile search to ask questions about local businesses and get answers from the business owners. It also supports offline features is believed to take up less space on a phone when installed, as well as requiring less RAM to work.

It is important to note that the app is still marked as "experimental", so these features are subject to change. The translate feature will now help users to search for content by simply typing or speaking.

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The app is now in the early stages of development. Maybe Google is taking a step forward and it could be possible to check out more lite apps from the California-based company. The lite version will be particularly helpful in countries there there is slow or unreliable Internet connection. The screenshots show Hindi as one of the languages, strongly indicating its arrival in India. What's interesting is that the search bar is placed at the bottom of the screen instead of on the top, making it easier to access.

For now, Google has not revealed its plan for the new app, but it seems to be in the nascent stages of development and limited to limited markets and languages. The main motive behind light apps is to cater to the users having low connectivity and low end devices.

Google hasn't made any announcements about its plans to release the app, but if it does launch, it's likely to be made available in many other markets beyond Indonesia.

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