ABC Anchor Grills Falwell on Trump Support After Charlottesville

ABC Anchor Grills Falwell on Trump Support After Charlottesville

ABC Anchor Grills Falwell on Trump Support After Charlottesville

"And in defending the president's comments, Jerry Falwell making himself and, it seems to me, the university he represents, complicit".

Some of those protesting, Falwell suggested, may have been "historical purists" who were upset about the efforts of Charlottesville officials to remove from a park a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

President Donald Trump was "very clear" who the culprits were in Charlottesville, as he called them out by name, and he "does not have a racist bone in his body", Jerry Falwell Jr. said Monday.

Asked by ABC News's Martha Raddatz whether the president could have been "a little more careful in his words", Falwell said: "All of us could".

And in a Sunday interview with ABC, Falwell reiterated that support, saying he agreed with Trump's statement that there were "very fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville.

Falwell said that Gaumer "completely misunderstands my support", and that he was only referring to the parts of Trump's comments that condemned racists as "bold" and "truthful".

National Public Radio reported on Sunday that a number of Liberty University graduates were preparing to return their diplomas to protest his support for Trump.

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"It really is a watershed moment to have people openly chanting Nazi chants. holding white supremacist signs, and carrying weapons along with all of that, and killing somebody, injuring many in the process", he said. He wrote on Twitter: "The truth as stated by Donald Trump is that violent white supremacists, Nazi, KKK and similar hate groups are pure evil and un-American".

But the remarks, including those at a fiery Trump news conference on Tuesday, may not dent support from his political base, where white evangelical Christian voters are a major component. I think he was talking about what he had seen, information that he had that I don't have'.

Falwell invited Trump to give the first commencement speech of his term as president to Liberty University graduates.

'And that's one of the reasons I supported him, ' he added. "I know him well". "The Chancellor then characterized Mr. Trump's remarks, which included the claim that some of the persons marching as white nationalists and white supremacists at the rally were "very fine people, ' as 'bold" and 'truthful.' This is incompatible with Liberty University's stated values, and incompatible with a Christian witness". 'He said you can call it terrorism, you can call it evil, you can call it murder.

Those actions, the letter says, "have filled us with shame and anger as alums". But he never said it was not terrorism'. But at least he's not politically correct.

Falwell Jr. also said, "I think the president has made it very clear that there is no moral equivalency between what the counterprotesters did ...and somebody driving his vehicle into a crowd because he hates people of other races".

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