Game of Thrones season seven finale promo is here

Game of Thrones season seven finale promo is here

Game of Thrones season seven finale promo is here

WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you've seen Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, "Beyond the Wall".

The upcoming penultimate episode of season seven of Game of Thrones is titled "Beyond the Wall", which by itself is enough to get the blood pumping.

In spite of the fact that they figure out how to murder the Bear, Thoras is severely injured, battling the bear.

In the beginning of the episode, Jon is all geared up with his "Suicide Squad" to prove Daenerys that White Walkers exist. As if he knew a dragon would come to save Jon Snow.

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We already know at this point that the next season won't be forthcoming right away and that there could be unforeseen delays that could affect the production and release dates. After all, the Night King didn't physically touch the dead in "Hardhome" when he turned them into wights - he merely raised his arms. Just as well when you look at how many main characters share the same scene in this episode. "Also excited for Dany/Jaime, Cersei/Tyrion, Jon/Cersei, Brienne/Jaime, Mountain/Hound dammmmmn just the whole thing!" The show has become about more about trying to balance out the coming conflict rather than figuring out how to tell the most compelling narrative possible. Blue fire, perhaps? Beyond the battlefield implications, we also have to wonder if somehow Viserion will be the key to the army of the dead crossing The Wall. It made its name on character interactions, and while we got a good meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow, some nice reunions with the Starks (that have now gone down the toilet), not much has changed overall.

What do you think is going to happen in the final season? As soon as Jon realized that their plan to catch a wight could *actually* be a suicide mission, he sent word for Dany, who flew in to save the day with her three dragons in tow.

Yet this moment of vulnerability shouldn't let viewers forget that Daenerys has been making some rather brutal choices lately - such as her decision to roast the Tarlys that has Tyrion so concerned that she could eventually become as risky as her Mad King father.

How will the Night King use the undead dragon? We see Tyrion looking grim on the deck of one ship, and Varys, Theon, and some Dothraki are in the background.

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