Gamescom 2017: Shenmue 3 gets first official trailer

Gamescom 2017: Shenmue 3 gets first official trailer

Gamescom 2017: Shenmue 3 gets first official trailer

While fans will have a long wait on their hands for Shenmue 3, a new trailer has arrived showcasing the first in-engine footage from the upcoming title.

Many have taken to criticise the newest trailer, noting that the graphics and style aren't in keeping with the PS4 generation. The game is still a year or so away from release and it's entirely possible that the characters' facial animation will be far superior when the game finally hits. Characters are blocky, emotions are static and textures do seem to fall flat.

While Shenmue III had a wildly successful Kickstarter over two years ago, information on the highly anticipated game has been scarce.

Each Shenmue game has had a distinct art style and none have particularly gone the route of photo-realism. But didn't Yu Suzuki say he was going for that 'feeling of nostalgia'?

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The game, especially the first one, was lauded for its ultra-realistic, free-roaming style before games like Grand Theft Auto III popularized the full-fledged open-world genre.

The teaser trailer gives us a look at Ryo, Shenhua, and other new characters we'll be seeing in the journey. Here's hoping that all that patience pays off for the fans.

The graphics aren't all that impressive, sadly, which could explain why the game's release date was bumped by about six months to allow some additional time in development. Some colleagues from different media were able to meet him and exchange few words with him, getting a very important information: apparently, Shenmue 3 would not be the narrative conclusion of the saga.

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