Is Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Working On Smart Headphones?

Is Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Working On Smart Headphones?

Is Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Working On Smart Headphones?

Online media outlet 9to5Google has reported that it has found unique codes in the app's APK, leading to an evidence that tech company is making smart headphones named as "Bisto".

Another notable addition to the latest version of the app pertains to its Home Control section for the Google Assistant which now boasts Scenes and Groups tabs, whereas Google also improved the app's ability to edit and share screenshots. This suggests that unlike Apple's AirPods, which wakes its own Siri assistant with a double-tap, Google is opting for a more physical approach somewhat like Samsung's "Bixby button" found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 - as well as possibly the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. The headphones are also expected to come with a Google Assistant button as well as another button at the top. Press the Google Assistant button.

Traces of the new product, code-named Bisto, first surfaced in April in the Google app for Android. There's not much else to glean from details scraped from the beta of an app, but there is a reference to a Google Assistant button on the left earcup, which suggests we're talking about over-ear headphones rather than earbuds. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things.

The timing of this leak is interesting, as Google is getting ready to launch its Pixel 2 flagship phone in the fall. "Your headphones have been updated and are ready to use", Other strings contain information for setup and update process for Google Bisto headphones. But let's remember two things about Google's Android devices.

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The headphones will require users to hold down the Google Assistant button to speak to the Google Assistant.

Now it's looking even more likely Google plans on going all-in on hardware.

Last year Google announced the then-all-new Pixel family in October, so it might be best to mark your calendars now.

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