Mystikal, facing rape charge, turns himself in to authoritie

Mystikal, facing rape charge, turns himself in to authoritie

Mystikal, facing rape charge, turns himself in to authoritie

A warrant was later issued for her arrest charging her to one count of Accessory After the Fact to First Degree Rape with a bond set at $200,000.

Shreveport police sex crimes investigators are searching for the rapper Mystikal for his alleged involvement in a rape that occurred last October.

Investigators reportedly collected evidence at the scene matching Tyler and 26-year-old Averweone Holman, the latter of whom celebrated his birthday that date.

US marshals arrested Holman, of Harker Heights, Texas, on August 18 in Killeen, Texas.

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Mystikal has been charged with with rape again, and this time he may not get off easily. Her bond is set at $200K. During the call, she said the woman revealed to her that she was, actually, not raped.

She turned herself in on the same day as rapper Mystikal, who's charged with first degree rape. A female friend of Mystikal by the name of Tenichia Wafford, was apparently involved in the incident as well and is still wanted by police.

"That she said. Aint nobody did nothing to her. this is some bullshit though". According to KSLA, Wafford is accused of attempting to convince the alleged victim to drop charges against Tyler and Holman. "I ain't trying to get that girl to do nothing, But if you alright and said ain't nobody did something to you, then why send some innocent people to jail?"

Mystikal pled guilty to sexual battery and extortion in 2003 for forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him and two associates. He was released from prison in 2010.

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