Apple to scale back plans for self-driving auto

Apple to scale back plans for self-driving auto

Apple to scale back plans for self-driving auto

The project's reduced scale aligns more closely with other tech that are working on autonomous driving technology but are steering clear of building cars.

According to the NYT report citing sources familiar with Apple's "Project Titan", Apple will use an existing commercial vehicle from an automaker and equip it with the autonomous technology that it develops.

The first project, according to the New York Times, will be an autonomous shuttle bus at its headquarters codenamed PAIL - which stands for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop (the address of its new spaceship campus). That software platform seems to be making progress as the New York Times reports that Apple is creating an autonomous employee shuttle to transport employees across its sprawling campuses.

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Apple's not alone among tech companies in giving up on making the whole auto.

Apple can afford to gracefully bow out before the robot auto competition begins in earnest, but it's still somewhat problematic for the company that hasn't had a new hit product in years. The cars being used in the project are said to be similar to those that were being tested on roads by Apple.

Apple's first real-world use of some of the autonomous driving technology it's working on could be a self-driving shuttle, according to a new report from The New York Times. Still, this does mean that at least Apple won't be dropping a ugly autonomous monstrosity on us, as per the Google vehicle... This project was supposed to take on the automotive industry and remake Apple as something of a new Detroit. PAIL might not be as exciting as Project Titan, however, there is no reason that Apple might not pick this up at a later date, and this will surely be something that Apple will continue to assess as an increasing amount of vehicles become autonomous. Project Titan engineers looked at a wide range of options including motorized doors that opened and closed silently. They even enlisted the help of BMW to use the i3 as a base model to build the vehicle. The company's DMV application includes a walkthrough of the Development Platform Specific Training and details about an autonomous-vehicle system called Apple Automated System.

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