Trump enraged that McConnell won't 'protect' him from Russian Federation investigations

Trump enraged that McConnell won't 'protect' him from Russian Federation investigations

Trump enraged that McConnell won't 'protect' him from Russian Federation investigations

And I think the difference between the two at least stylistically is the president seems to like to light fires, and McConnell always sees it his job to kind of tamp them out.

House Republicans, by comparison, have generally been more reticent about criticizing or pushing back against the president.

Unless Congress approves a new funding bill, the government will shut down on October 1.

Escalating tension between Capitol Hill and the White House is threatening the GOP's legislative agenda and testing the bonds of party unity under the Trump administration. In fact, the only noteworthy accomplishment of this legislative session has been a bill that severely restricts Trump's ability to negotiate with Russian Federation lest he be tempted to roll back sanctions placed on the country for meddling in the 2016 election.

The senator reiterated her criticism of Trump's response to the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month.

"Senators clearly are more visible elected officials, and nearly all of them have more heterogeneous constituencies than House members". But even the slightest screwup could derail the effort, as is what happened in several prior tries in both the House and Senate this year, given slim GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress, but especially the Senate.

Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and Paul Ryan do not all want to shut down the government over border wall funding.

"One vote away. We were one vote away. We're going to have our wall", the president said.

McConnell, in a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, said he and Trump "have been and continue to be in regular contact about our shared goals", specifically citing tax reform and infrastructure legislation.

Fleet Commander dismissed after collisions involving 2 CT sailors
The third incident involved the Navy cruiser USS Champlain, which hit a South Korean fishing vessel, Fox News has reported. Swift said the Malaysian navy had reported locating other potential remains and was working to confirm the identities.

More people are arming themselves and embracing extreme views, according to Vance. Trump also complained about the Russian sanctions measure in a call with McConnell earlier this month that devolved into shouting. "They have to appeal to a broader segment of the electorate than do House members, especially those in gerrymandered congressional districts", said Republican pollster Whit Ayres.

"It's past time to fulfill our campaign promises", Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Breitbart News.

That's a huge problem, since Republicans will need Democratic votes to pass a bill to fund the government.

It remains to be seen if the GOP can prove it can govern, Jordan said. He said eight Democrats now control the chamber.

"That being said, that doesn't mean it wasn't a factor".

And Jeff Flake, the senator the president says no one knows, is nearly as "Never-Trump" as anyone in Congress right now.

Senior party figures fear his rhetoric risks effectively eliminating his two-seat majority in the Senate and say the rift could not come at a worse time.

"We have to deliver - and we have to deliver now", Brady said.

Trump threatened to force a federal government shutdown unless a spending bill that must be signed into law by the final minute of September 30 includes monies for his desired U.S. -Mexico border wall.

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