Everything we know about the Season 7 finale so far

Everything we know about the Season 7 finale so far

Everything we know about the Season 7 finale so far

They're really useful. But then there's something else that needs to be considered: the magic of the Wall that had previously been conjured to stop wights and White Walkers from crossing it.

Everyone's looking forward to the Season 7 finale of "Game of Thrones" on Sunday, August 27, when we'll be watching it on HBO.

BuzzFeed notes that it's possible the Night King has Greensight or some other seeing capability linked to Bran, and knew the group was traveling north of the Wall.

And now? The same spot where the Night King resurrected Viserion. He has been the Night King all along, even before becoming the three-eyed raven.

One thing which fans have found particularly freakish is the fact that the White Walkers, despite their name, have barely moved an inch for two seasons.

Now that the Night King has taken one of Daenerys's dragons as his own, Jon and the Mother of Dragons need any advantage they can get. Dany's conquest, paired with the growth of her dragons, sent the Night King's actions into motion.

We've watched as white walkers and wights have risen to stand with the Night King, but until recently, we were unaware that the Night King had other tricks up his icy sleeve.

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The second time he goes back into Bran the Builder, the Stark predecessor who built the wall and created Winterfell.

The final clincher of this theory actually comes from a scene in the previous episode, "Eastwatch," when Bran is warging into a flock of crows flying over the army of wights. Oh yeah, and they BROUGHT HUGE FRICKIN' CHAINS. The first time, he'll instruct the Mad King to manufacture wildfire and save it beneath King's Landing, but we all know what happens to that.

The Night's King left his post to be with someone who sounds like a White Walker woman, and the two reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort until they were stopped.

In short, Bran is the Night King. As the crows dip and dive over the army (and are eventually spotted by the Night King, further cementing his bond with Bran), they pass over an area that looks a hell of a lot like the cliff Jon and the gang get pushed up onto while battling with the wights in the middle of the lake. So how do you defeat such an enormous, terrifying force?

In "Beyond the Wall", Beric Dondarrion suggests that killing the Night King should theoretically take down the entire army of the undead.

Or maybe one of the reasons the White Walkers needed such a massive army was because they are planning to use their massive numbers to form a ramp out of their bodies.

The question of why is pretty obvious on the surface: he wanted a dragon. Although, this season has been fond of doing just that, so this might be more plausible than we want.

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