Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Only 4 Things We Will Remember

Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Only 4 Things We Will Remember

Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Only 4 Things We Will Remember

Mayweather is expected to make roughly $300 million from this fight; McGregor is expected to make about $100 million, which is why minutes after the fight was over these two were hugging and smiling.

"You can't take anything away from Mayweather".

McGregor's gangling body type and size provided a slight mountain Mayweather had to navigate in order to get through to land his punches.

1,700: Ticketmaster had this many tickets left at T-Mobile arena by mid-day on the day of the fight.

Official NSAC scores did have it rather lopsided for Mayweather at the time of the stoppage, with the Las Vegas native ahead via scores of 87-83, 89-82 and 89-81. "I guaranteed everybody this fight wouldn't go the distance".

Before the fight, estimates for total revenue sat around $700 million.

McGregor, though, surprised many by going toe to toe with Mayweather until the 10th round. And that just might be the last we see of him in the ring.

But there were revelations in the southpaw's post-fight press conference which suggested he may have been underprepared.

"I'm very proud of our crew and very proud of Robert", Marnell said.

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He seemed nearly happy in the ring afterward, secure that he had given a good performance even in losing. But in the end it was Mayweather, a five-division world champion and the greatest fighter of his era, whose class shined through after a bit of a slow start, which he said was part of his game plan.

"I just think he ran out of puff". Nada. Nothing. Zilch. The odds Vegas gave to McGregor were similar to that of the odds you would be given to win the Power Ball jack pot.

He also got some respect from a fighter who has been in the ring his entire life.

"A win is a win, no matter how you get it", Mayweather said. "He's a tough compettor, but I was the better man onight".

After all the talk and hype, the fight unfolded like most in boxing figured it would.

The 50-0 fighter reportedly attempted to bet on winning the fight inside 9.5 rounds. He's a mixed-martial artist where he goes in and he fights and he uses all of his weapons.

The living legend said Satuday was his last fight. "50-0 sounds good, I'm looking forward to going into the Hall of Fame", Mayweather said. I think he did great tonight. The Irishman's 111 landed punches were 30 more than Manny Pacquiao managed against Mayweather in their 2015 "Fight of the Century".

He said locals are immensely proud of McGregor - who like himself once worked as a plumber - before he went on to become a household name around the globe.

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